Our Team

Phonathon Callers:

These students are the bridge between alumni and friends and the university. They work to develop relationships and a continuum of financial support through the Annual Giving program.


Aamir K.                Computer Eng

Vivek K.                  Computer Eng

Utkarsh R.             Engineering Management

David G.                  Aerospace Engineering

Sean H.                    Aerospace/Mechanical Engineering

Zachary P.               History

John P.                      Enviromental/Civil Engineering

Blake P.                    Computer Science

Courtney B.            Biological Sciences

Laurie G.                 Metallurigcal/Mechanical Engineering

Anmol J.                  Envriomental Engineering

Renee R.                  Math

Mikel S.                    Electrical Engineering

Sam H.                      Engineering Management 

Chase J.                    Mechanical Engineering

Justin H.                   Chemical Engineering

Hunter M.                Computer/Electrical Engineering

Tyler M.                    Electrical Engineering

Elijah P.                    Engineering Management

Jonathan E.             Computer Science/Computer Engineering

Jacob S.                     Electrical Engineering

Taylor S.                   Biological Sciences

Erica H.                    Mechanical Engineering

Venkata C.              Civil Engineering

Joshua M.                Mechanical Engineering



Student Supervisors:  

These students manage the calling floor on a nightly basis. They motivate callers, keep track of pledges and report the totals on a nightly basis.

Mahati G.            Chem Eng

Oksana H.            Biological Sciences

Josh S.                   Metallurgy


Program Center Manager

Please contact the Program Center Manager with any questions you may have about your donation or recent phone call received.  

Zachary Berends-Torres


(573) 341-6376


Student Development Officers

Student Development Officers build relationships with donors and alumni through phone calls, letters, e-mails and alumni events. These representatives work to connect donors and alumni back to Missouri University of Science and Technology through section events, design center events or campus tours. The goal of the Student Representative program is to build a lasting relationship with our alumni and to re-engage those that may have lost touch with the University. These representatives also focus on donor retention and renewing annual gifts once per year.

More information on Student Development Officers


Student Development Officer Manager: 

Michelle Shults


(573) 341-7692


Manager of Prospect Research and Giving:

Janice Ridolfi


(573) 341-4934