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Caller Job Description

The Miner Phonathon secures funds for Missouri University of Science and Technology to enhance the quality of education for each student on campus. Paid callers have the opportunity to speak and network with alumni from each department on campus along with some clubs and organizations. Each year we call approximately 50,000 S&T alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Last year the Miner Phonathon secured over $790,000 in donations for the campus and its departments. These funds will directly impact the education of yourself and your peers this school year.

As a paid student caller you will contact S&T alumni across the nation. During your conversation, you will build relationships, update information, and seek support for the department or fund you’re representing. This position provides excellent communication development and professional development opportunities. These skill sets and experience you will gain as an employee can be a great addition to your resume.

Training and Pay-Rates

Upon a successful interview, applicants will be scheduled for the first of three training sessions. The starting wage is $10.30/hr. Performance reviews, with the opportunity for pay raises, are offered to all fundraisers each semester.


After training, callers will choose which shifts they'd like to work as long as those shifts aren't full. Shifts are 5:15-8:45 PM (Monday through Thursday), and Sunday 1:30-5:00 PM or 5:30-8:45 PM. In an effort to maintain a flexible schedule for our students on staff; students pick roughly 10 shifts each month (shifts vary on shorter months) before the month begins.

Additional Benefits

The Miner Phonathon is committed to giving each department and student at Missouri S&T the highest quality education through raising funds. Located at 1200 N Pine St. Rolla, MO 65409, we offer regular wage increases, daily incentives, flexible scheduling including time off for holidays and exams, and a comfortable working environment. We even offer competitive games and prizes that callers can work towards.

Of course, you also gain the satisfaction of knowing that every dollar you raise goes toward the improvement of your own education.

How to Apply

All completed applications can be submitted at the Miner Phonathon, at which time your application will be reviewed and a phone interview may be scheduled.


Office Location

Miner Phonathon is located in the building just north of Hasselmann Alumni House: 1200 N. Pine St, MO 65409.


Rachel Williams